Who Are AVS?

Summer Concert 2018 - Webheath

Arrow Vale Singers are a long running community choir and charity, established in 1976 from the West Mercia Police Choir.

We work to promote the positive mental and physical health effects singing in general, but particularly singing in a group brings. As well as enhancing the life of people in our local community through entertainment.

Our current membership is around 40 people ranging from their mid-twenties to early eighties.

The Music

We gave a catalogue nearing 300 pieces and perform a range of music styles including; traditional choral pieces, Musical Theatre, Pop, Film Scores, Jazz, classical and operetta as well as spiritual and folk music.

Singing helps to reduce blood pressure, enhance mood and reduce anxiety, depression and stress symptoms. Singing in a group enhances some of these effects while also providing a social component and a feeling of togetherness. It’s also not bad for your core muscles, if done properly… though you won’t get those defined abs from singing alone, not to mention how much fun it is.


We have been privileged to perform at multiple events in Redditch, including being invited to perform at Choirs at the Palace (Palace Theatre Redditch) three years running in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

We also perform at charity concerts and fundraising events for churches and organisations, our own 2 fundraising concerts as well as private functions that we can be booked for.

In addition, we perform an annual Christmas concert where we throw open the doors to our rehearsal space (Batchley Community Centre in Redditch) and welcome everyone who wants to join in with the Christmas cheer.